Tsunaguba is a co-working space in Nagasaki

Tsunaguba is a co-working space and seminar room located 8 minutes on foot from Nagasaki Station, or 1 minute on foot from Sakuramachi train stop.
Tsunaguba means a place to connect.

Available from 550 yen per person for 90 minutes. Please use it for work, study, reading, meetings, as a place for tutoring, and information exchange!

Wireless LAN, power supply, and drinks (coffee, tea, water) are included in the usage fee.
Use of the copy machine (which can be used as a printer) is 10 yen per copy for black and white and 50 yen per copy for color.

Due to administrative guidance, we ask that you provide your name and contact information (phone number or e-mail address) when using the facilities

■Address  6-35 third floor, Uwamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken 850-0054 JAPAN
■E-Mail  tsunaguba@gmail.com
■Business hours Tuesday to Friday 13:00~21:00(Admittance upto 19:00)Saturday 13:00~19:00
■Charge 550 yen per 90 minutes
Tsunaguba accepts the following credit cards, transportation cards, Apple Pay, ID, Quicpay, and PayPay.
■Equipment  Power Supply, Wireless LAN, Printer compound machine(10 yen per sheet for black and white, 50 yen per sheet for color)

■From Nagasaki Station
Please take the No.3 train, and get off at Sakuramachi train stop, or keep walking 8 minutes, Sakuramachi train stop will be on your right.

■From Sakuramachi train stop
If you see Sakuramachi train stop, turn left just before a train stop and go up the hill and turn right at the first corner, Tsunaguba will be the 2nd white building on your left. We are on the 3rd floor.

Sakuramachi train stop and NBC
Sakuramachi train stop and NBC(Nagasaki Broadcasting Company)

■From Sakuramachi train stop


2 people working independently in Nagasaki are managing Tsunaguba.
2 people working independently in Nagasaki are managing Tsunaguba.
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